Advanced JavaServer Pages

Thousands of developers have discovered that JavaServer Pages represent the optimal solution for cross-platform web-based development. Now that they've mastered the basics of JSP, many are seeking to deepen and strengthen their expertise.
In Advanced JavaServer Pages, best-selling Java author and former JavaSoft developer David Geary delivers the sophisticated enterprise-class techniques they're searching for. Geary tackles JavaServer Pages 1.1 with the same exhaustive, authoritative approach that made his Graphic Java books so successful. He begins with a thorough review of JSP elements, servlets, and JavaBeans; then introduces custom and body tags; and offers sophisticated insights into JSP-based Web application design. Advanced JavaServer Pages includes detailed chapters on internationalization, security, databases, e-mail integration, and Enterprise JavaBeans. For every Java developer interested in creating server-side programs with JavaServer Pages and Sun's servlet technologies.

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