C++ Programming Made Simple

The author enables novices to get to grips with the programming language quickly and efficiently, and demystifies the subject matter making it easy to understand.

Java and C++ are now the two clear leading languages for technical and web programming, and the C++ language and environment, including C, are internationally standardised by the ISO Standard 1998. Although focusing on C++, the text also incorporates material on the C programming language.
If you want to know how to:
- Write ISO C++ programs
- Write procedural C programs
- Use ISO C++ advanced features such as templates and RTTI
- Take advantage of the Standard Template Library
- Program with both the C and C++ Standard Libraries
then C++ Programming Made Simple is for you! 
*Aimed at a non-North American user audience
*Requires no technical or in-depth computer knowledge
*Enables readers to become familiar with the C++ and C programming languages quickly and efficiently
p.s. some pages are missing 


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