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PHP is an easy-to-use scripting language perfect for quickly creating the Web features you need. Once you know the basics of how the language works, wouldn’t it be great to have a collection of useful scripts that solve those tricky problems and add interesting functionality to your site? We thought so, too

Instead of starting at “Hello World,” Wicked Cool PHP assumes that you’re familiar with the language and jumps right into the good stuff. After you learn the FAQs of life—the most commonly wished for PHP scripts—you’ll work your way through smart configuration options and the art of forms, all the way through to complex database-backed scripts.
Wicked Cool PHP contains a wide variety of scripts to process credit cards, check the validity of email addresses, template HTML, and serve dynamic images and text. The 76 easily implemented scripts will also teach you how to:
Send and receive email notifications
Track your visitors’ behavior with cookies and sessions
Override PHP’s default settings
Manipulate dates, images, and text on the fly
Harness SOAP and other web services
Create an online poll, ecard delivery system, and blog
But it’s not all fun and games: Security is a big concern when programming any web application. So you’ll learn how to encrypt your confidential data, safeguard your passwords, and prevent common cross-site-scripting attacks. And you’ll learn how to customize all of the scripts to fit your own needs.
Dynamic web content doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn the secrets of the craft from two experienced PHP developers with Wicked Cool PHP.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. The FAQs of Life
Chapter 2. Reconfiguring PHP to Do Your Bidding
Chapter 3. PHP Security
Chapter 4. Security Measures
Chapter 5. Working with Words and HTML
Chapter 6. Working with Dates
Chapter 7. Working with Files
Chapter 8. Tracking and Controlling Users
Chapter 9. Working with Email
Chapter 10. Working with Pictures
Chapter 11. Working with Web Pages
Chapter 12. Intermediate Tricks

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